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From Twitter 03-02-2011

  • 12:00:43: Good afternoon, all. How are you today?
  • 12:00:56: Dry, bright and sunny here today and coolish - not too bad at all.
  • 12:01:15: How are my snow-bound friends? I hope you're all safe and warm.
  • 12:01:28: My main aim today is to finish the story I started yesterday.
  • 15:12:39: I'm going to concentrate on writing for a bit, so may not answer anything immediately. Back later.
  • 17:05:13: I'm back. I've more than doubled my word count. The story isn't quite finished. I just have the final scene. But I'll do that tomorrow.
  • 17:08:38: I'm wondering (and did so yesterday) if that is one of the Autopsy lockers? They're that colour. And the person cld be Abby #NCISLostScene
  • 17:54:18: And the bots are popping up on LJ again. *Reports and bans*

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