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From Twitter 28-01-2011

  • 12:48:18: Good afternoon, all. How are you today?
  • 12:48:41: Dry, bright and sunny here today and pretty cold too.
  • 12:49:27: Aims for today: get timed out zine story posted & finish the end of 2010 meme & poss look at the NCIS episode ranking again *g*
  • 14:22:59: All the non-G/D questions are answered *g*
  • 14:23:28: Now onto the G/D ones. This'll be even longer and harder going.
  • 14:24:34: Although, thinking about it again, it might be easier as I am looking at one pairing rather than over a dozen. Hmmm.
  • 16:05:47: Two questions to go *g*
  • 16:11:48: One question. My personal favourite G/D story of the year. Hmmmm. *Eyes open tabs* Eenie meenie miney moe *g*
  • 16:51:49: *Sighs* The nights are starting to get lighter so quickly. It's almost 5:00 p.m & not really dark enough to pull curtains. But I'm going to!
  • 18:01:49: I had hoped to post the Round-up meme today, but at the last moment I decided to add something to it & as I hate posting just as I'm about
  • 18:02:17: to vanish for the evening, I'll leave it. And as weekends are never a good time to post on LJ, I'll post in on Monday. Sorry.
  • 18:33:04: Heading off for the day. Stay safe all.

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