Autumn: Trees (Shimmering water)

September Pretties Day 30

Beautiful autumn scene

Well, it's the last day of September - where has the month gone? I honestly can't believe this is the thirtieth picture I have posted and the last September pretty.

I wasn't sure what to end with and spent quite some time going through my various folders. In the end I decided to go with this one as it includes many of my favourite things: water, a gorgeous sky, autumnal trees and all in the autumn colours. I think this picture encapsulates autumn extremely well.
Autumn: Mists

September Pretties Day 28

Late autumn fog

This late autumn photo, definitely seems spooky to me and it has a Halloween feel to it with the moon and the fog and the almost bare trees. Plus, if you look at the photo quite quickly the evergreen trees in the background almost look like gravestones (well they did to me when I saw it initially). Even the rather bright light to the right of the photo adds to the spookiness of it, if only because we already have the moon over the left, so I'm left wondering quite what the brighter light might be.
Autumn: Mystical

September Pretties Day 24

Bent Trees

Today I give you another photograph that I see as being somewhat spooky, due to the gnarled and bent trees and the way they are touching and coming together over the water and making the area rather dark. It has a hint of something sinister.

Yet at the same time, due to the bright sunlight to one side and the beauty of the red leaves, I can see it as being somewhat mystical, magical and even inviting. It's quite a dichotomous photo for me.
Birds: Owl (Tawny)

September Pretties Day 23

Autumn Owl

I couldn't let the month of autumn pretties go by without sharing a picture of my favourite bird of prey: an owl. Given it is rare to see an owl during the day, I thought it would be quite difficult to find one.* In fact this is another picture where I am not completely certain if it is a painting or an actual photo.I rather fancy, it's the former as I can just about make out a signature at the bottom. Nonetheless, is it lovely. The owl blends in with the autumn leaves and the tree and bare branches making him rather well camouflaged. Yet at the same time he stands out nicely.

*In fact I was going to share a picture that was almost certainly photomanipulated as the sky was bright blue, thus clearly making it day time. It was only when I went through my list of icons and found this one that I remembered I had this picture. Serendipitous.